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MacAllister Planer Thicknesser COD305P 1100W

A powerful and easy tool from surface planing to thicknessing. Integrated built-in dust collection system (patented).
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Customer Reviews for MacAllister Planer Thicknesser COD305P 1100W
Review 1 for MacAllister Planer Thicknesser COD305P 1100W
Reviewer: SnakeCatcher
Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
What a suprise
"I wouldn't normally think of reviewing a B & Q purchase but this has been such a revelation I thought I ought.
It really does what it says on the box - and so far has created a really good finish on the work pieces I have used it for. I mounted it on a sturdy base with a piece of 2X2 on the bottom which I grip in my WorkMate. Makes for a steady working situation - with some portablity - although the machine is pretty heavy.
The depth adjustment handle works well - although counter intuitive - I always need to look to make sure I turn it the right way.
It is reasonable quiet - as much as a machine of this ilk can be.
Couldn't work out how to use it with a plastic bin bag for cuttings collection - so had to use a dust bin. That works well - my usual vacuum cleaner arrangement for dust collection wouldn't have coped as the machine produces a heck of a lot of cuttings - any one got a rabbit needing bedding material?
A great buy - particularly when on 30% reduction
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Review 2 for MacAllister Planer Thicknesser COD305P 1100W
Reviewer: Woodworker
Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Great machine
"I was looking for a portable thicknesser and spent a couple of evenings looking at other products available from different companies.
I kept being drawn back to this machine because of the price and the size of timber it can take.
After using the machine for a few hundred metres of timber I am more than happy.
If you are unsure what Thicknesser to buy in the sub £250 price band then let me help you by saying go buy this model.
It is very robust and the dust/chip system is amazing."
Review 3 for MacAllister Planer Thicknesser COD305P 1100W
Reviewer: riteedge
Overall Rating
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
good cheap machine
"this is a good machine for the price even though had to set blades as were misaligned, so not ready to use out of the box with out some tinkering.
but this is the cheapest machine i have found of any quality and i must admit i have used this machine now every day for 3 weeks and shes not let me down at all and not faltered once so quite happy but as with most cheap machines the gauge on the front for thickness of cut was out but i just use my steel rule any way so no a big problem.
Review 4 for MacAllister Planer Thicknesser COD305P 1100W
Reviewer: PJBTT2
Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
"Bought to prepare wood for cabinet making and repair using high quality hardwoods - perfect.
Not too noisy. Goggles and mask suggested. Large, heavy and confidence inspiring despite lower power than the competition
ALWAYS UNPLUG THE MACHINE before any explorations and don't wear any loose clothing (e.g. tie) especially while operating the machine.
The manual requires a little intuition and the information contained is a little spartan but is adequate overall.
Once the height adjustment handle has been screwed on, the machine is ready to use straight out of the box.
However a little more time spent preparing and understanding the machine is worthwhile e.g.
a) arranging to catch the shavings in a bin
b) attaching the cable tidy
c) making sure that the push stick is available (managed to break the retainer before it would release)
In operation, the machine grabs the work and self-feeds it through at moderately slow speed. For small sized work this is very easy as all one needs to do is offer up the work and then catch it the other side. Experimentation is required when dealing with larger pieces of work.
The depth indicator was found reasonably accurate but making trial cuts as suggested and checking before and after using an accurate pair of calipers pays off.
Maximum cut available of 2.4mm away from the centre is quoted. However a standard cut of 1.6mm is expected and recommended, This may explain why one complete turn of the adjustment handle alters height by 1.6mm.
Suggest mounting the machine on e.g. a wooden board to help protect the long chain underneath the base which adjusts the height.
The electric motor drives the cutting blades via a pair of sequential bicycle sized chains inside the LHS cover. These also drive the self-feed mechanism
There is a rubber belt inside the RHS cover which drives the shavings extractor fan.
The cutting blades are accessible by removing a large cover towards the back of the machine."
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Review 5 for MacAllister Planer Thicknesser COD305P 1100W
Reviewer: rm01
Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
"got this to do jobs as i require to plane wood by hand planer and this has made my life so much easyer a+ machine."
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