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Kilrock Drain and Waste Pipe Unblocker 7.5m Wire

For all domestic pipe blockages. Suitable for drains, sinks, baths, showers etc, that become blocked through everyday use. Easy-to-use and Easy-to-store. 7.5m wire.
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Customer Reviews for Kilrock Drain and Waste Pipe Unblocker 7.5m Wire
Review 1 for Kilrock Drain and Waste Pipe Unblocker 7.5m Wire
Reviewer: missslinky
Overall Rating
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
the jury is still out on this one
"This product was OK. We did have quite a bad blockage but this used in conjunction with a liquid drain cleaner has done the trick. It didn't do it on it's own"
Review 2 for Kilrock Drain and Waste Pipe Unblocker 7.5m Wire
Reviewer: Shabaz
Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Did the job
"We had a blocked kitchen sink drain. The pipe goes across the kitchen room before it goes outside. This would have meant removing carpets and floorboards to get to each pipe bend. We tried chemicals and crystals but none of them worked.
Finally my son (13) saw this item on the website and read the review. One of the reviews seemed to be the same problem we were having. So I bought this item and it took 3 attempts. The first two attempts seemed to have removed the blockage but we found that the blockage had only moved and not removed. So on the third attempt we kept the Kilrock all the way down the pipe and this time it came out the other end with some of the blockage. Though we poured some water down and kept turning the kilrock so that the water would help to wash away some debris. This worked very well and we continued this until nothing more came out and then we removed the Kilrock. You had to be patient but it worked very well and the amount of blockage it removed including limescale deposit was fantastic. The wife is very pleased and re-assured that the drain pipes are now for sure clean.
This product did the job very well.
Review 3 for Kilrock Drain and Waste Pipe Unblocker 7.5m Wire
Reviewer: Runner
Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Great Product
"The plumber had installed two 2" drain pipes for a washing machine and sink in our new extension. Unfortunately, after a couple of years, the pipe became almost totally blocked and the discharge end of the pipe was not accessable! We tried plungers and chemical unblockers to no avail.
As a last resort we bought the Kilrock Drain and Waste Pipe Unblocker - Wow - fantastic!
It was very easy to use and went round one right angle straight to the blockage about 3 metres away. The end has a corkscrew type fitting which rotates allowing you to drill into the blockage. It took about five attempts, removing a little at a time until the blockage was released and flushed away with cold water, job done in about 20 minutes.
Environmentally friendly and great value since its gone back in the box should friends or family have a similar problem. Highly recommended!
Review 4 for Kilrock Drain and Waste Pipe Unblocker 7.5m Wire
Reviewer: tindrum
Overall Rating
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Not the best but did the job.
"After spending the best part of the morning plunging my shower drain with not much to show for it I decided to look on line to see what kit was out there for unblocking small bore waste pipes. Screw Fix had a product but the Kilrock from B&Q looked similar and was 2/3 the price. The picture on the box didn't give too much away but I thought I'd give it a go anyway. I couldn't get access to the blockage through the shower trap as it was set into the floor, but luckily my mornings efforts had determined that the blockage was down line of the sink/shower branch so in theory I should be able to feed the Kilrock spring down the sink waste instead. This involved removing the bottle trap and negotiating three 90° elbows. Unfortunately though, the Kilrock failed to negotiate the first elbow. The instructions imply that by locking the spring off and rotating the drum containing the 7.5m spring it will spiral it's way down the waste pipe to the blockage. All it seemed to do was to try to bore it's way through the back of the elbow. All is not lost though, all I needed to do was permanently bend the small diameter spring just behind the large spiral end to about 30° to encourage it to pass round the elbow and feed it in until it hits the next bend. I then needed to rotate the drum in stages whilst pushing and pulling the spring until it negotiated that bend and so on until I hit the blockage.
The product isn't the easiest to use but with the slight modification to the tip it did allow me to get to the blockage and dislodge it, and as a plumber wouldn't even answer the phone for the price it has to be good value for money. .
Putting a bend in the tip also has the effect of giving it a wider sweep radius so instead of just clearing a path the size of the spiral tip it can actually scrape the walls of the waste pipe. All in all a worth while addition to the tool kit.
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