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Ronseal Stay Radiator Paint Gloss White 750ml

Ronseal Stay White Radiator Paint is specifically formulated and designed for application to internal radiators, combining superb adhesion, with a non yellowing, tough and durable enamel finish. It can be applied to primed or previously painted radiators and can also be used on surrounding paint work such as skirting boards and window sills. Quick drying and heat resistant.
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Customer Reviews for Ronseal Stay Radiator Paint Gloss White 750ml
Review 1 for Ronseal Stay Radiator Paint Gloss White 750ml
Reviewer: JimboMar
Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Go back to the lab Ronseal - this is rubbish
"Sadly I didn't read reviews before buying this paint, but they are all correct.
Don't use this paint!
It dries too quickly so leaves brush marks, even with the good quality synthetic brush that I used. When I came to recoat it, I also saw that the bubbles left in the paint haven't dissipated so it looks like someone has blown fine sand on the wet paint. I attempted to sand it down lightly then used a different lower-quality brush with the same results: brush marks and bubbles left in the surface.
The most unforgiving painting experience since I first tried water-based gloss in the wintertime!"
Review 2 for Ronseal Stay Radiator Paint Gloss White 750ml
Reviewer: Tink10
Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Awful awful awful paint!!!
"Within a few hours this paint had turned my radiators the colour of rusty everywhere there were any chips or scratches! (There was no rust when I started)
I spoke to Ronseal and they said I should have used a primer on all these areas first although it doesn't mention this anywhere on the tin!!!
Now I have to sand it all down and start again. A MASSIVE waste of time and will never be buying a Ronseal product ever again!!
Review 3 for Ronseal Stay Radiator Paint Gloss White 750ml
Reviewer: JamesH
Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
"While sat marveling at how terrible this paint looked as I slapped it on my radiators in every way possible, in a vain attempt to make them look half acceptable, I made up my mind I should go on the B&Q website and warn fellow DIY'ers away from this product. I wasn't very surprised to find that all other reviews had the same experience I did.
I was particularly disadvantaged because I had previously been using a Brilliant White Gloss from Hammerite, which had been nice and thick, good colour, needed only two coats to cover a very old dark-creamy coloured radiator and didn't drip. When I was in B&Q I looked for the same can again, but couldn't see any (nor can I find the same one on the website, pity!). To save another trip back out to the store I just grabbed this product - it was radiator paint, it was white, it was gloss, it was ronseal - what could be wrong with it?
Honestly never used worse paint. Too thin, which necessitates applying 4 coates to an ALREADY WHITE radiator which had a few marks on it, as well as applying as thickly as possible (leading to drips). Not only that but the finish was terrible. You may have to apply this with a roller to get any kind of acceptable finish...and good luck with that!
Honestly, save yourself the bother and get a decent tin of hammerite.
And Ronseal, please, please, please stick to making wood stain."
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Review 4 for Ronseal Stay Radiator Paint Gloss White 750ml
Reviewer: RadarBloke
Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
"I wish I had read previous reviews before buying and using this product!. I agree with them all. Goes on with all the characteristics of a cheap emulsion. Leaves very bad brush marks however you put it on. Dries too quickly and does not cover well. Does nothing to enhance the good name of Ronseal. Good job I only used it on a small bathroom radiator, the rest of the pot will go to the local tip for proper disposal!"
Review 5 for Ronseal Stay Radiator Paint Gloss White 750ml
Reviewer: Prawlin
Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Surprisingly bad paint
"I bought this brand as I really thought it would be of assured and trusted quality and performance. It is literally the worst paint of any kind I have ever purchased in over 40 years of DIY!
It covers poorly, is translucent, Leaves severe brush marks no matter how you apply it, quickly, slowly, thickly or thinly. It is also prone to runs unless applied very thinly. It requires at least 3 or even maybe 4 coats to get an even non see through colour. I have tried every possible technique using a high quality synthetic brush (as specified). It dries way too quickly and so does not flatten out as it dries. It also stinks with a particularly unpleasant smell whilst applying and drying. I wouldn't want to use it in a bedroom to be slept in the same day.
It has shattered my confidence in what I previously thought was an excellent brand. Now I will never buy another tin of anything from them. I am totally amazed that they allow this rubbish onto the market under their name.
This is a damning review, but necessary to warn others. I wish I had researched before buying it. I will now have to rub down the radiators again and buy some other paint in order to try to restore them to an acceptable & reasonable smooth finish. I might even write to the maker and ask for a refund and compensation for wasting my time. It really is that bad.
It may well 'stay white' indefinitely, but frankly, I'd rather have a paint that slowly yellows over a few years, than one that looks pretty terrible from day one!
If you want an easy to apply paint and a smooth finish then avoid this stuff at all costs!"
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Review 6 for Ronseal Stay Radiator Paint Gloss White 750ml
Reviewer: Virgo
Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
"Does not matter how hard you try you will not convince anybody that you used anything other than a tar brush. Guarantee it will look worse than when you started!"
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Response from B&Q:By Ronseal16/02/2011
Dear Virgo,

Thank you for your comments. We regret that you should have cause to be unhappy with the use of a Ronseal product.

Stay white radiator paint uses water-based technology to ensure no yellowing appears over time. To achieve best results apply the paint using a synthetic brush and do not over brush as the paint will dry quicker than solvent based alternatives.
Review 7 for Ronseal Stay Radiator Paint Gloss White 750ml
Reviewer: padres
Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
worst ever paint purchase
"very poor, probably the worst paint I have used. It does not go flat unlike previous paint I have used on radiators. I prep'd well and painted onto a clean surface but coverage was poor as was the finish."
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