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Diall Wasp Nest Killer Powder 200g

Puffer pack for control of wasps in the nest. Treats nests in late evening or early morning.
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Customer Reviews for Diall Wasp Nest Killer Powder 200g
Review 1 for Diall Wasp Nest Killer Powder 200g
Reviewer: DrDave
Overall Rating
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Bye bye wasps
"We've had wasps nests in the roof space of our extension in the past. A visit from the local council chap has put paid to them with a couple of puffs of powder. I thought I'd sealed all access points but alas, no, the little blighters are back having gained access through a tiny gap behind a cable. This is right above our back door. As my grandson is terrified of wasps and they are above the back door I didn't want to wait a few days for the council to deal with them even though the service is free so I popped over to my nearest B+Q and bought two tubs of this stuff.
I needed something that can be dispensed upwards due to the location of the access point. For all this is labeled as a puffer pack it doesn't dispense the powder upwards. Horizontal and downwards is fine but it won't defy gravity.
With a length of plastic conduit for electrical cable, a couple of feet of garden hose and an electric pump for inflating an air-bed I set to work. The conduit is rigid and has a narrow'ish oval opening which I could insert behind the cable and into the access point. The garden hose fitted nicely over the bottom end of the conduit and was a snug fit over the end of the adapter of the air pump. Before connecting the hose to the pump I poured some powder into the hose.
My first attempt failed as there was a delay between switching the pump on and the powder emerging at the business end of the conduit. Just as I pulled the conduit from the entrance the powder shot out. My second attempt wasn't much better as I put too much powder in the hose and the pump didn't have enough power to shift it until I pulled the conduit out and as lowered it into the horizontal position it blasted the garden wall with powder. Third time was lucky for me. It dispensed a decent amount of powder into the target zone.
I hadn't waited until darkness when all the wasps would be inside and just wrapped up leaving very little skin exposed. While I was setting up there was a lot of coming and going with the little devils. Almost immediately after the first application of the powder there was a log jam of wasps outside as they spotted something wasn't right. A few of the brave (or is that stupid?) ones ventured inside while others flew away. This pattern continued for a while.
To be certain of success I fired another couple of doses of powder into the access point about an hour later. Didn't need the second tub that I'd bought.
Today we've had two dead wasps in the house and one outside. I've seen only one live wasp. It approached the entrance, had a look and then disappeared.
This powder is very effective and works quicker than the stuff the council used. It took 24 hours for their stuff to eliminate pretty much all the activity.
I'd give 5 stars if the dispenser was able to effectively get the powder going vertical but it doesn't so it gets 4 stars, I'm afraid. The powder itself is very quick and very effective and at a shade under £3 is no money at all for the peace of mind we now have.
I'll be out with some mastic to seal up the entrance and hopefully this'll be the last we have wasps but if they do come back in the future I'd have no hesitation buying this product again."
Review 2 for Diall Wasp Nest Killer Powder 200g
Reviewer: Pgarr
Overall Rating
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Nest no more, excellent
"Had two nest to target. One in a bird house was easy to hit with a few puffs from the bottle. The other the little pests were going into a gap the the roof eves. I managed to fit a 5mm plastic pipe to the end of bottle which allowed me to direct power up into the eves and hope for the best. Done the deadly deed at night, and could not have been more pleased with results. Bird house nest completely dead in the morning, and so far no sign of any activity for one in eves.still half bottle left if they decide to return."
Review 3 for Diall Wasp Nest Killer Powder 200g
Reviewer: thetapeworm
Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Effectively murdered an underground wasps nest
"Having seen glowing reviews for the Rentokil variant of this type of product I was actually looking for that but ended up with this alternative which seems to have done the job perfectly.
As indicated on the pack I waited until late evening, gave a good application of the powder into the hole leading to the nest and within 24 hours there is no more wasp activity where there was previously masses of the evil stingers going about their business and destroying my plants.
Review 4 for Diall Wasp Nest Killer Powder 200g
Reviewer: Oilman
Overall Rating
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Kills wasps effectively
"Kills wasps effectively. This is useful when you can't see the nest to spray it with aerosol wasp nest destroyer. Puff it into the hole wasps are flying to and from, preferably after dark or in late evening, and most will be dead by the following day. This is easy if you can puff downwards, but if the hole is in a vertical or overhanging surface you need to flip the bottle upwards as you squeeze, which takes a little practice and might irritate the wasps, so take care and have a quick exit planned."
Review 5 for Diall Wasp Nest Killer Powder 200g
Reviewer: stungbyDiall
Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
"Useless product and badly designed packaging. I have a wasps next at the corner of my roof but, this so called puffer pack wouldn’t let me scatter it into nest opening. This is due to the bad design of the product, which means you can only scatter the powder downwards; not, as I wanted to do, horizontally or even at a slight angle. I couldn’t do this because of the roof overhang. Packaging needs to be uni-directional, perhaps thinner with a pipe from the container that you can place near the nest opening."
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Review 6 for Diall Wasp Nest Killer Powder 200g
Reviewer: TaxiAndy
Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Works for all
"After application wasps just disappeared never to be seen again. Also had a problem with bees setting up home in garage roof. One puff freaked them out and now they've gone. Also kills woodlice. I am yet to try it on ants but fingers crossed it will do the same.
Top product."
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