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Mac Allister 1/3 Sheet Sander MSS260 260W

Multipurpose sander for rough rubbing down and final finishing work. Ideal for large areas.
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Customer Reviews for Mac Allister 1/3 Sheet Sander MSS260 260W
Review 1 for Mac Allister 1/3 Sheet Sander MSS260 260W
Reviewer: Teuchter
Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
bad bad bad purchase
"I bought the sander to smooth my bathroom walls, after sanding for 2 hours( not continuously) the motor went to a very slow speed, I was not sanding a hard surface.the following day after I had purchased I returned the Item to B&Q a round trip of 60 miles, Not happy, I exchanged it for a bigger model & guess what? It gave up completely after only 1 hour once again I returned it yet another round trip of 60 miles, this time a refund no more macAllister products for me."
Review 2 for Mac Allister 1/3 Sheet Sander MSS260 260W
Reviewer: HCBC
Overall Rating
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Good product considering the cost
"I've been renovating a very old property. My last sander gave up and bought this one to replace. It's much more powerful than the really cheap sanders but quieter. Built in dust collection works for smaller jobs but will clog on larger areas. Dewalt sanding sheets fit the sander. Dont use cheep sand paper as it tears use paper from quality roll or dewalt hook and loop.
All in all. Good product if used correctly. Used continuoustly for one day with no proplems although allot of dust.
HCB Construction
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Review 3 for Mac Allister 1/3 Sheet Sander MSS260 260W
Reviewer: Thoric
Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Excellent value for money
"Fantastic sander, just what I need. 5 quid cheaper than anything else with same or similar specs. Dust collector works fine, catching most dust even when I'm sanding odd shaped surfaces (although it is a pain to have to keep emptying it, but I guess all sander dust collectors will be the same). Also comes with an adaptor to fit the dust collector pipe to what I can only presume must be other standard vacuuming systems.
Came with a punch plate so I can create my own hook&loop sheets to match the vacuuming holes on the base.
Comes in it's own sturdy case with three free sheets of varying grades (P60, 90 & 120).
I have no regrets in buying this sander, it has plenty of power yet doesn't vibrate your hands, even after an hour of use. Very pleased, would certainly recommend it.
Review 4 for Mac Allister 1/3 Sheet Sander MSS260 260W
Reviewer: SimonPE
Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Superb unit, when used correctly.
"This is a fairly powerful sander. Easily more than double the power of a typical £9.99 sander that you may have used.
The motor is so strong that it can be hard to hold still using 40G paper on rough surfaces. Yet the anti-vibration mountings means that your hands don't go numb at all, even after several hours of use.
It has an excellent dust vacuuming collection system when used with the correct paper.
It generates a lot of dust when you don't use the correct paper because it is so powerful.
The sander is designed for hook&loop (Velcro) paper first and foremost. If you use paper with holes punched in the correct places very little dust escapes the supplied collection box, which is equipped with an effective filter.
If you use the correct paper, and empty the collector frequently, you will not have a dust problem.
The dust collection will become an issue if you don't use punched paper. As there's little or no vacuuming effect around the outside of the sanding bed.
To use old style non-Velcro paper you should first place a piece of (preferably quite a fine grade, or well worn) Velcro paper on the sanding bed. Then run your sanding paper over the top of it and hold it with the end clamps as normal.
Failing to use this single sheet of H&L means that the hooks of the sanding bed will shred the thin paper being laid over it. This will happen on any sander that takes H&L sheets, but is made worse on this unit because it’s so powerful.
I have found that using paper from allox rolls is less susceptible to this tearing, but not immune. Using the H&L sheet first solves the problem completely.
I've found this unit such good value for money that I've now bought a second one after my first was lost on a site visit.
If you only ever use thin clamped paper this is probably not the sander for you.
If you want an all-round sander and mostly use H&L sheets then this sander is superb value for money."
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Review 5 for Mac Allister 1/3 Sheet Sander MSS260 260W
Reviewer: Bodger
Overall Rating
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
"5 stars for sanding
However the down sides are:
1) Very dusty, fills entire room
2) Rips any sand paper within 5 mins.... unless you buy the velvro type.
I would get yourself down screwfix and get a better alternative"