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Mac Allister 650W Tile Saw

650W Mac Allister Tile Saw, suitable for cutting ceramic, porcelain and marble tiles up to 30mm thick. Features a stainless steel worktable for added durability and corrosion resistance, and an extending table to allow cutting of larger tiles. Allows parrallel and angled cuts, with a plastic gauge to aid measurement. Table tilting range: 0°/15°/30°/45°. Includes replaceable diamond saw blade.
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Customer Reviews for Mac Allister 650W Tile Saw
Review 1 for Mac Allister 650W Tile Saw
Reviewer: Pell
Overall Rating
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
"Bought this after my £25 tops tiles one died (after many hours of use) and I expected high quality/durability from an £85 replacement.
It tends to spall the tile at the ends of the cut and leaves ragged cut edges, maybe the bigger cutting wheel is just too aggressive?.
My main gripe is that after 20 tiles use the tightening nut on the guide bar stripped its threads.
Needs to be returned.
Review 2 for Mac Allister 650W Tile Saw
Reviewer: Overworked
Overall Rating
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Oh dear it died
"This is my Second B&Q Tile cutter. The first died in May and was an "on offer" model. I soon found out why when the power switch stuck off after 10 tiles. SO I returned it (not without "It's dirty" from the counter staff.. Err It's aTile Cutter and they cut Tiles and get v.DIRTY. Chose this McCalister Model thinking I was upgrading and it HAS worked for two small walls and a small floor, but in the process the Useless laser dies from water ingress and corrosion. The "Stainless Steel" Decking has Rusted terribly and Now, following it's palls on other reviews... The Moter is clanking and squauking in the throws of Death.. Back to the Shop! I do agree with other reviews but seem to have had more use from it than most. 3 Year Guarantee? so the book says!"
Review 3 for Mac Allister 650W Tile Saw
Reviewer: Proinstaller
Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Probably the worst tool I have ever owned.
"The design of this is rubbish. The switches are poorly sited, the laser guide is a joke as the guard does not tighten and wobbles all over the place, it has to be held up if you want to see where your cutting and then you get soaked. The screws that secure the blade guard in the water tank have rusted, so I can't clean it out under and behind the blade & if I ever need to change the blade I will have to drill them out (the blade is the only reasonable thing in the machine, so when it goes I will throw the whole thing away). I used to have a very cheap PlasPlug machine that was way better than this in every respect but someone “borrowed” it and they when out of business so I bought the most expensive one on the shelf, you don’t always get what you paid for. I have only given it 1 star because I can’t leave no stars."
Review 4 for Mac Allister 650W Tile Saw
Reviewer: plumby
Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Dont bother
"I really wish i'd read these reviews before purchasing the Mac tile cutter MTC650L. It would have saved me such stress, frustration and mess.
Instructions a joke, Laser line Ha Ha!!, Motor....!!! has it got one? Mine stopped working after cutting 8 floor tiles ceramic 8mm.
I guess the lesson is you get what you pay for......mind you, it wasnt the cheapest!!
Review 5 for Mac Allister 650W Tile Saw
Reviewer: Niina
Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Initially ok - then broke down
"I was initially fairly pleased with this (yes, it is messy as everyone else has said; the lazer is a joke; and it is no use for cutting tiles larger than the standard size - but it is easy to use and does a decent job).
But - as pretty much with everyone else who has reviewed this - it broke down on us quite quickly. We did one day of tiling (about half a bathroom) and then the blade just stopped turning (we had a new sharp blade so that was not at fault).
I would not recommend this product - have just sent my partner to B&Q and I am hoping he'll come back with a better one... Maybe the PP550.."
Review 6 for Mac Allister 650W Tile Saw
Reviewer: TheTileWarrior
Overall Rating
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
It cuts tiles!
"Bought this after a less expensive cousin broke down.
The good: It cuts my 9mm porcelain like a dream.
The bad: Lazer guide line is pathetic. It wobbles around when cutting.
Instructions are woeful.
Do the blade nut up extra tight. Install the blade as it appears on the box. Arrow going backwards.
I'd still recommend this product. No DIY tile cutters are going to be perfect. Still a lot cheaper than paying someone else to do the job."
Review 7 for Mac Allister 650W Tile Saw
Reviewer: perfectionist
Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Didn't even switch it on!
"Not sure what's more depressing, England losing 4-1 to Germany or unpacking this piece of equipment. Unpacked everything and started to assemble. I agree with other's comments the instructions are dire. Then noticed that the measurement guides were just sticky back strips of metal and were already peeling off - so aren't going to be great for accuracy long term. Then the nail in the coffin, I assembled the guide rail to find that it would not actually fix securely across the table, the grip onto the rail itself wasn't good enough and the guide moved around, even when tightening the lock all the way. Therefore it's all been packed back up into the box and will be returned tomorrow!"
Review 8 for Mac Allister 650W Tile Saw
Reviewer: Kayley
Overall Rating
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Wouldn't recommend
"My partner and I purchased this tile cutter when we started laying tiles in our kitchen.
It says you have to fill it up with water and gives you a minimum mark. We filled it up and water squirted out all over our kitchen. We emptied out most of the water and just left a tiny bit in the bottom.
After using the tile cutter on about 10 tiles the motor burnt out and we had to take it back to get another one.
The second one did pretty much the same thing except the motor has not yet burnt out. We still have some more tiling to do so we'll see what happens!"
Review 9 for Mac Allister 650W Tile Saw
Reviewer: Antrobus
Overall Rating
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
"I bought this to cut large (600mm X 400mm) floor tiles. My small tile cutter was not really up to this. It did the cutting pretty well but is very messy to use (water all over the place) and a pain to assemble. You must tighten the blade hard other wise it comes loose. Just as I was finishing the job it broke down (probably motor burn out). I took it back and got my money returned (well done B&Q). If I needed another cutter I would not choose this model"