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Sika Latex Self Levelling 18LLC25 25kg

Latex, modified, cement-based self levelling compound. For preparing uneven interior concrete floors prior to fitting carpet, tile, vinyl or laminate floor coverings.
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Customer Reviews for Sika Latex Self Levelling 18LLC25 25kg
Review 1 for Sika Latex Self Levelling 18LLC25 25kg
Reviewer: Guvna
Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Very good easy to use Floor Leveling Compound
"Its the first time I've used this particular product, thought I would try it over the cheaper brands available, and I am glad I did.
Well worth the extra cost, very simple to use and an exceptional smooth finish.
I used 20 bags on a 7m by 4m lounge which needed between 25mm and 3 mm to level the floor. Used 12 bags one day, left to set and 8 bags the next.
Cant fault the finish, the ability of each poured bag to flow into the next and ease of use.
Excellent product and will definitely use this one again.
Review 2 for Sika Latex Self Levelling 18LLC25 25kg
Reviewer: AG79
Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Satisfied customer
"Good floor leveller, would definately use again.
Hardly no need to use a trowel whatsoever.
Providing you mix it right, it will just level itself out into corners of skirting etc.
Be patient and make sure you mix thoroughly with drill and mixer until all thick bits are gone at bottom of bucket.
Agree with another post I've seen it does set quite quickly although I was able to do it all on my own(mixing and the pouring)
8 m sq kitchen took me about an hour"
Review 3 for Sika Latex Self Levelling 18LLC25 25kg
Reviewer: huggywell
Overall Rating
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
worked well
"seeing as i have never used screed before i was pleased with the result this product gave. it seems to be very forgiving as to the consistency you make it and gives a nice result."
Review 4 for Sika Latex Self Levelling 18LLC25 25kg
Reviewer: Waldron22
Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Good product
"Fantastic product and give a lovely finish,"
Review 5 for Sika Latex Self Levelling 18LLC25 25kg
Reviewer: Anonymous
Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Not self leveling Bad instructions ruined my floor
"The whole point of this product is to cover un even surfaces. I followed the directions to the letter. I am a bit like that! It was horendus like a soup thice and totally un leveling thick mud consistancy you need to put posssibly half as much water again which means a very big bucket (if you are mixing a full bag ) I was apalled with this it cost plenty of money and I wasted two day on this disaster one putting it down and one very tough day hammer drilling it back up. Dont buy it."
Review 6 for Sika Latex Self Levelling 18LLC25 25kg
Reviewer: Spidey500
Overall Rating
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Good if used correctly
"This is an effective product but whatever you do - follow the instructions carefully!
It's critcal that it is not mixed up too thin. You are looking for a very thick silky-looking cream, almost like porridge (without lumps!) DO NOT MIX THIN - IT FAILS HORRIBLY.
I did a 9 m2 kitchen floor single-handed but you need to keep the mix moving as you add the powder, so best with two people. Use only half the 25kg bag at a time if you are on your own.
Mix in a smallish bucket, mix it quick but thorough. Then tip it out into the deep areas first, and let the puddles "merge" - help it a little with a plaster trowel, especially into edges and corners, but don't try to smooth it.. Then leave alone! Don't try to trowel it again or try to trowel it over high areas if there's not enough mix. For my grotty kitchen floor 9 m2 with a domed concrete surface and 15mm height differences, I needed 7 bags, and that needed to be mixed and laid within an hour. Get help! Speed is of the essence.
Review 7 for Sika Latex Self Levelling 18LLC25 25kg
Reviewer: Myb66
Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Self levelling compound
"Having been in the building trade for many years, I have used this product a number of times.
The easy way to explain how to use the product is buy a gorilla bucket available from b&q ignore completely the mixture instructions on the bag and mix as follows.
Pour 7.5 litres of cold water into bucket and pour in slowly the levelling compound, make sure you have an electric mixing drill which you can hire from most tool hire shops to hand and keep mixing all the time, when you have emptied all the bag mix for a further 3-5 mins making sure ther are no visible lumps in the mix, then just pour the mixture over the area to be treated and leave to dry.
The basis is that the more watery the mix the more evenly it will spread ther is no need to trowel it at all as every liquid finds its own level, this will take about 24-36 hours to dry and will be walkable in that time, no cracks no shrinks and it sets rock hard.
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Review 8 for Sika Latex Self Levelling 18LLC25 25kg
Reviewer: thx1138
Overall Rating
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Mixed results
"I used 5 bags of this to get a smooth surface on 20sqm of concrete where I'd taken quarry tiles up. 4 of the bags were fine, but 1 bag didn't seem to work - when it dried it cracked & crazed, looking like a dried up river bed. It was a different colour both dry and wet (the 'good' ones were cement grey, whereas the 'bad' one was much lighter almost cream colour). Problem definitely wasn't down to different water amount or contaminated tools, and all the bags were similar age. Luckily for me I only needed a small amount from the fifth bag so have been able to live with the results as it's under a wood floor, but if it had been carpet it would have been a real problem."
Review 9 for Sika Latex Self Levelling 18LLC25 25kg
Reviewer: lj1234
Overall Rating
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
sika self level
"would recommend using more water than stated as floor will set bumpy if not smoothed properly!"
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Review 10 for Sika Latex Self Levelling 18LLC25 25kg
Reviewer: stuje
Overall Rating
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Easy once you know how
"Easy to use once you get the hang of it. my first mix didnt go too well but once i got the ratio right it was easy. made mine really watery so it would definitely level out and i had no time constraints. set hard in around 6hours. not quite at the level i need so may need to add another layer with the rest of the bag. i used 2litres for every 5kg mix."
Review 11 for Sika Latex Self Levelling 18LLC25 25kg
Reviewer: Pilgrims3
Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Caution! Read before buying.
"Read the following before buying this product – there maybe a better solution than using Sika Self Levelling Floor Compound (SLC).
After completing the renovation of a sitting room that included the re-wiring, re-plastering, new fireplace etc, the only job left was to level the uneven floor. The room is approximately 18sq metres and at one end where there used to be a dividing wall, a section of floor approximately 4sq meters that was slightly undulating and needed attention. My contractor (over 30 years in the trade) said the easiest way was to use a SLC on the floor and this would be a quick efficient way of levelling the floor before laying carpet, wrong. We used a Sika Latex Self Levelling Compound, not cheap at around £18 a bag and we used 5 bags. We followed the instructions on the bag to the letter making sure that nothing was overlooked. The floor was again washed and prepared and as the floor could be described as smooth, we followed the instruction to prepare the floor with neat PVA to allow the compound to bond to the substrate. Clean water, clean buckets, clean mixing paddle, etc, not quite a surgical operation but we were taking no chances this time. Previous reviews suggested that extra water was needed but we stuck with the manufacturers recommendations – again, to the letter. We mixed, poured, floated and left to dry overnight. I should point out that there was no method of force drying used, all heating was turned off and only a window left slightly ajar for ventilation.
After 24hrs I entered the room and had a nice level floor and it sounded good to walk on, no hollow noises or cracking etc, after a week it was still good and as we were going on holiday no more work would have been done in this particular room, it only needed the skirting boards and carpet to finish and before furnishing. We came back from holiday two weeks later to find the floor had cracked all around the central area of the room and in places had started to lift; it was like walking on crisp packets. Had we laid the carpet and furnished the room before going on holiday then this would have been a nightmare to come home to.
I spoke to my contractor who thought I was winding him up and couldn’t believe it. I raised it with Sika and Mike told me that the floor should have been shot blasted or mechanically scarified before laying the product, not quite what I expected to do in a room that only needed a floor levelling as the last job. Also, the instruction clearly states for smooth floors use an undiluted solution of PVA, so I referred back to Sika with some images and they duly requested batch numbers and also sent me a bag for some samples. After a few days I was told the batch was ok, in date and “In our experience this type of cracking is caused by the levelling compound not bonding to the substrate and therefore it acts like a "biscuit" when walked some cases you can hear it cracking beneath your feet as you walk” so from that statement I deduce it’s happened on numerous occasions before.
Adding insult to injury the company representative called me to discuss the samples I had sent to be analysed. He told me that the floor was too smooth to accept the compound and the floor basically had to look in his words like a “dogs dinner” and if I had laid the floor using the compound to a depth of 60mm I would not have had a problem as the weight would have kept the bond. Why I would want to raise a floor by 6cm is beyond me, our conversation went around in circles for 25 minutes.
The only solution left for me was to lift the loose sections of floor, use an SDS chisel to scrape level the area where the SLC did bond, dig up the concrete in the area that was uneven and refill with one and a half ton of concrete to produce a level floor and finally repaint a room that had just been decorated and only required the simple job of levelling a floor. For the record the depth of undulation was a no more than 8mm across the whole floor, the floor was dry, has no rising damp and the “smooth” concrete substrate had been laid for over 10 years.
My advice is buyers beware, the instructions cover a number of scenarios but not all of them may apply to your situation. When it goes wrong as this one did, don’t expect too much help from Sika,. To rectify the floor has gone from around £90 for 5 bags plus half a day’s labour at the start, to 3 days labour and a ton and a half on concrete to rectify the situation. Would I buy another Sika product? Certainly not and neither would my contractor.
This review is focused on the Sika SLC product only and not on the service or customer care provided by B&Q"
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Review 12 for Sika Latex Self Levelling 18LLC25 25kg
Reviewer: DIY12345678
Overall Rating
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Good product
"I used this product to smooth over a rough concrete base (10 sqm) and it worked well. I used 3 bags (intention was to use 2 and have a spare). The instructions suggest 5 litres of water to 1 bag and I used 6 litres. I used a paddle attachement to my drill for mixing. The whole thing was a lot easier than I thought and the end result is really good. You do need to work quickly as it sets very quickly even with extra water (although I did not seal the concrete first as some suggest you do so water does absorb quickly). I hardly had to use a trowel as it basically self levelled in the area fine. I will be laying laminate flooring on top."
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Review 13 for Sika Latex Self Levelling 18LLC25 25kg
Reviewer: Bazregan
Overall Rating
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Level Concrete floor to lay engineered wood
"Needed to level and improve a concrete subfloor before laying an engineered wood floor on underlay.
Problem with sub floor was that, while smooth, there were areas that were lower and so would have led to the flooring dipping as you walked on it. Have used the Sika products before for similar issue.
To use easily you really do need a drill and mechanical stirrer to mix, plus a large flexible bucket to mix and pour.
Only problem, mentioned elsewhere, is that the recommended mix on the bag is too short on water - if you use the recommended mix, the leveller is too thick too pour and settle flat - it's more like a cement skim and needs to be floated by hand. I ended up using about 1.5 - 2 times the amount of water and ended up with a liquid the consistency of watery cream. This can then poured into the areas needed and if required floated out, but the fact that it is liquid means that it then settles itself flat. 1.5 bags with this mix covered a room about 4m x 4m, with varying depth up to about 4mm.
This can look very watery at this point but sets in about 4 hours to be walked upon and hard overnight.
Spoke to Sika ref time to lay the floor and they were happy to confirm that the floor could be laid 24 hours after pouring. All worked out OK.
Will be picking up another two bags for the next room this week.
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